ANN MOSS soprano

Acclaimed Recording Artist & Chamber Musician. Collaborator, Muse, Champion of Living Composers.



Ann is a transformative artist because she can cross genres so easily. She’s not only comfortable in classics and Baroque music, but she also is expert at new music. Nothing scares her.
— Jake Heggie, Composer

+ Denotes a work composed for Ann Moss
* World Premiere
∆ United States Premiere
† West Coast Premiere
º East Coast Premiere

Aghababian, Vartan

Erbsensuppenlieder (2015) * +
Seven Songs for Soprano & String Quartet (2003) * º +
Songs of a Second April (2007) †
Spiele Liebling (2009)
Three Dickinson Songs (2011) * †
Two Songs for Soprano, Viola & Piano (1988) †
Two Songs for Soprano, Viola & Piano (2001) †
Two Songs for Soprano, Viola & Piano (2010) * º +
When We Were Very Young (2002) †

Almetus, Hendel

Le Grand Oiseau Blanc (2010) * +


Messe de Tournai (12th-14th c. France)

Argento, Dominick

Letters From Composers (1968)
Songs About Spring (1960)

Ayres, Paul

Messyah (2010 version)

Bach, J. S.

Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott BWV 80
Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis BWV 21
Jauchzett Gott in allen Landen! BWV 51
Johannes-Passion, excerpts
Mass in b minor BWV 232, excerpts
Mass in F major BWV 233
Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland BWV 62
Tönet, ihr Pauken! Erschallet, Trompeten BWV 214
Weichet nur, betrübte Schatten BWV 202

Barber, Samuel

Knoxville: Summer of 1915 (1947)
Hermit Songs, excerpts (1953)
Nuvoletta Op. 25 (1947)
Selected Individual Songs
Three Songs Op. 45 (1972)

Beethoven, Ludwig van

Missa Solemnis: Gloria
Symphony No. 9 in D minor

Berberian, Cathy

Stripsody (1966)

Bernstein, Leonard

La Bonne Cuisine (1949)
Trouble in Tahiti; Trio (1952)

Bertrand, Jacob

A. E. Hausmann Songs (2009) * º +
Etude for Soprano & Harp (2008) * +

Bolcom, William

Let Evening Come (1994)

Boulanger, Lili

Pie Jesu for Soprano Voice, String Quartet, Harp and Organ (1918)

Brahms, Johannes

Liebeslieder Walzer op. 52
Liebeslieder Walzer op. 65

Britten, Benjamin

On This Island Op. 11
Rejoice in the Lamb Op. 30
Underneath the abject willow

Brown, Weslie

Candlelight Cafe Aria for soprano, viola and piano (2010) * +
Practice Your Flamenco (2008) * +
So Excited Again (2008) *
Stand Alone Woman (2009) *

Candey, Griffin

I Shall Forget You Presently (2017-18) * +

Casella, Alfredo

Quattro favole romanesche (di Trilussa) op.38 (1923)

Casinghino, Justin

The Broken Bell (2002) *

Castellanos, Rafael

Oygan una xacarilla

Chabrier, Emmanuel

L'isle heureuse
Pastorale des cochons roses

Copland, Aaron

Laurie's Song (The Tender Land)
Selected Individual Songs

Courselle, Francisco

Lamentacion 2 del Viernes Santo

Debussy, Claude

Ariettes oubliées
Chansons de jeunesse
Selected Individual Songs

Dole, Sanford

Gertrude & Alice; Alice * +

Duke, John Woods

Selected Individual Songs
Three Sonnets for Soprano, Viola and Piano (1959)

Dutilleux, Henri

Le temps l’horloge for soprano and orchestra (2007) †

Enzina, Juan del

Rodrigo Martinez
Ay triste que vengo
Triste España
Amor con fortuna
Hoy comamos

Erickson, Kurt

Chicago Songs (2010 vocal/piano version) *
Song of Solace (2012) * +

Faure, Gabriel

Clair de lune
Le Secret
Requiem Op. 48
Selected Individual Songs

Fedele, Ivan

La Chute de la Maison Usher (1995)

Fishbein, Joshua

Music, when soft voices die (2009) *+

Froelich, Kenneth D.

Finite Differences for soprano and string quartet (2016-17) * +
Nerd Songs (2012) * º +

Gamboa, Carlos

Ramblings of a Social Network (2011) * +

Gershwin, George

Summertime (Porgy and Bess, 1935)

Gilligan, Heather

Battlegrounds (2009) * +

Grimmett, John

Attempts at Love: The Great American Songbook (2015) * +
Regrets Only for soprano and cello (2016) * +

Guebert, Christian

Still Ticking (2011) * +

Hair, Graham

Stonehenge (2006) ∆ +

Handel, George Frederic

Acis and Galatea; Galatea
Dixit Dominus
Lascia ch'io pianga
Lusinghe piu care
No se enmendará jamás
Piangero la sorte mia

Harbison, John

Simple Daylight (1988)
Mirabai Songs for soprano and chamber octet (1982)

Haydn, Franz Joseph

Harmoniemesse in B flat Major
Missa in Angustiis (Lord Nelson)
Missa in tempore belli (Mass in Time of War/Paukenmesse)

Heggie, Jake

At The Statue of Venus (2005)
Facing Forward/Looking Back (2007) †
From 'The Book of Nightmares' (2013)
Into the Fire: Camille Claudel (2012)
My True Love Hath My Heart (1996)
Newer Every Day: Songs for Kiri (2014) º †
Out of Darkness, excerpts (2016)
Rise & Fall (2007)
Selected Individual Songs
Songs and Sonnets to Ophelia (1999)
Sweet Light from Winter Roses (2005 piano/vocal arrangement) †

Hidalgo, Juan

Ay que si! Ay que no!

Hindemith, Paul

Die Serenaden (1924)
Melancholie Op. 13 (1919)

Huber, Ruth

Lorca Songs (2003)

Humperdink, Engelbert

Hänsel und Gretel; Dew Fairy

Iribarren, Juan

Por aquel horizonte

Irwin, Benjamin

Singing Under Ice for soprano and viola (2010) * +

Jekabson, Erik

A Step Away From Them (2006)
Vista Nonet (2006) *

Kapilow, Rob

Green Eggs & Ham; the one who does not like green eggs and ham (1992)

Kaplan, Joseph

The Red Wheelbarrow (2011) * +

Kernis, Aaron Jay

Two Awakenings and a Double Lullaby (2006)

Kim, Earl

Three Poems in French for Soprano and String Quartet (1992)

Kim, Joowan

AveM for soprano, piano, bass and drums (2009) * +
Vocalise for soprano and harp (2008) * +

Knable, Sunny and Jim

The Magic Fish; Otter Girl (2011)

Kodály, Zoltán

Missa Brevis

Kuhnau, Johannes


Kyr, Robert

On The Third Day (2011) *

Lang, David

The Little Match Girl Passion for vocal quartet with percussion (2008)

Lennon, John Anthony

Ghostfires (1983)

Livengood, Kerrith

Carl Sandburg Songs for B flat Clarinet & Narrator (2008) * +

Ly, Andrew

Porphyria's Lover (2011) *

MacMillan, James

Seven Last Words from the Cross (1993)

Mahler, Gustav

Symphony No. 2 "The Resurrection"
Symphony No. 4 in G Major

Marin, Jose

Ojos pues de mi desdenais

McCallister, Margaret

Annail Cune (2006) * +

McManus, Andrew

A Solemn Air (2011) * +

Mendelssohn, Felix

Elijah, excerpts
Lauda Sion
Selected Individual Songs
Zwölf Lieder Op. 9

Miller, Miriam

Beautiful Things (2010) * +
Mame Loshn for soprano, viola and piano (2010) * +

Moss, Ann

Music for Between Appear and Disappear (2013)

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Als Luise die Briefe ihres ungetreuen Liebhabers verbrannte
Don Giovanni; Zerlina (excerpts)
Cosi fan tutte, Despina
Das Veilchen
Der Schauspieldirekto; Madame Herz (excerpts)
Die Zauberflöte; Königin der Nacht (excerpts)
Die Entfuhrung aus dem Seraglio; Blondchen
Et incarnatus est (Mass in C minor)
Exultate Jubilate
Le Nozze di Figaro; Susanna (excerpts)
Missa Brevis (Coronation) K. 317
Regina Coeli K. 127
Ridente la calma
Ruhe sanft, mein holdes Leben
Selected Individual Songs
Vesperae solemnes de confessor K. 339

Mudarra, Alonso

Dulces Exuvie

Murray, Michael

Five Blake Songs for Voice and Clarinet (2001)
Three Donne Songs for Voice and String Quartet (2011)

Nichols, Sam

things that had no opposites (2014) * +

O'Malley, Matthew

Be Not Afeard (2010) * +
Music to Hear (2008 piano/vocal version) * +
Music to Hear (2009 vocal/string quartet version) * +

Pergolesi, Carlo

Stabat Mater

Perry, Scott

Acoustic Conjuration for Duo Performers of Sustaining Instruments (2010) * +

Peterson, Wayne

Freedom and Love for soprano & percussion (2004) *
Tympan Ally for soprano & percussion (2004)

Peterson, John

Songs from a Sunrise Land (2006) ∆

Pinkham, Daniel

Remember Your Creator

Poulenc, Francis

Fiançailles pour rire
Gloria (1959-60)
Selected Individual Songs

Purcell, Henry

Dido and Aeneas; First Witch
Evening Hymn
Hail! Bright Cecilia
If music be the food of love (2nd version)
Sweeter than roses

Quilter, Roger

7 Elizabethan Lyrics Op. 12 (1908)

Rachmaninoff, Sergi

Selected Individual Songs
Vocalise Op. 34 No. 14

Ravel, Maurice

L’enfant et les sortilèges; Feu, Princesse, Rossignol

Redmond, Jared

Deep Song for soprano and twelve cellos (2014) * +
Down the Deep Stair for soprano and string quartet (2016-17) * +
Stonewall Songs (2012) *

Regucera, Amadeus

Push/2 (2014) *

Reich, Steve

Drumming (1971)

Respighi, Ottorino

Il Tramonto for voice and string quartet (1918)

Rorem, Ned

Alleluia (1946)

Rugani, Jessica

Songs of Childhood (2010) * +

Rutter, John

Requiem (1985)

Saariaho, Kaija

Leino Songs (2007) †

Saint-Saëns, Camille

Carnival of the Animals; Narrator
Requiem Op. 54

Satie, Erik

Chanson du Chat
Je te veux
Le Diva de l'Empire

Sawyer, Eric

Itasca (2006) * º
Vocalise for soprano and prerecorded electronics (2004) †

Scarlatti, Allessandro

Missa St. Cecilia

Schnebel, Dieter

Poem für 4 Köpfe (1987–1989) ∆
Quintessenz (1993) ∆

Schönberg, Arnold

String Quartet No. 2 Opus 10
Arie aus dem Speigel von Arcadian

Schubert, Franz

An die Musik
Der Hirt auf dem Felsen
Du bist die Ruh
Mass No. 2 in G Major D. 167
Nacht und Träume
Selected Individual Songs
Suleikas zweiter Gesang

Schumaker, Matthew

As I ride the late-night freeways (2015) * +
in threatening possibilities (2012) *

Schumann, Robert

Liederkreis Op. 39
Der Nussbaum
Der Sandmann
Die Lotosblume
Die Meerfee
Meine Rose

Schutz, Heinrich

Kleine Geistliche Konzerte

Shatzer, Garrett

Lament: Verse III for soprano and string quartet (2016-17) * +
Sonnet III (2010) * +

Shearer, Allen

Middlemarch: A Love Story; Celia, Dorothea Brooke (excerpts) *

Sor, Fernando

7 Seguidilas for voice and guitar

Strauss, Richard

Brentano Lieder Op. 68
Das Rosenband
Schlagende Herzen
Selected Individual Songs

Stravinsky, Igor

Four Songs for Voice, Flute, Harp & Guitar (1953-4)
The Owl and the Pussycat (1966)

Sullivan, Arthur

H. M. S. Pinafore; Josephine
Patience; Patience

Thomas, Ambroise

Je Suis Titania (Mignon)

Thomson, Virgil

Preciosilla (1927)
Stabat Mater for soprano and string quartet (1931)

Thow, John

for love: 3 Songs for Soprano & Piano (1993, revised 2004) *

Turina, Joaqín

Poema en forma de canciones, Op. 19

Turner, Charles

I Have Been Through The Gates

Vaughan Williams, Ralph

Dona Nobis Pacem (1936)

Verdi, Giuseppe

Falstaff; Nannetta

Vivaldi, Antonio


Wade, Liam

4 Poems by Edna St. Vincent Millay (2008) * º +
Drei Träume (2009) * º +
Full Fathom Five (2014) * +
Funny Napkins (2011) * +
Love in the Time of Email (2015) †
Silver Apples (2008) * +

Wald, Sarah

Roses (2011) * +

Walker, Donald

A Fact Witheld A Little Child
Emily Dickinson Songs (1975)
Emily's Four Seasons (2008)
Four Poems of Emily Dickinson
God and Emily
Helen Hunt Jackson Letters to Emily Dickinson (2010)
Past The Hedge (2015, excerpts)
This Whole Experiment of Green (2007)
The Thoughtfulness of Thirst (2007)

Wambsgans, Colin

De profundis clamavi for soprano and string quartet (2002) * +

Wang, Ching Yi

Out of the depths (2010) * +

Williams, Jordan

Journey's End (2011) * +

Wolf, Hugo

Auf einer Wanderung
Im Fruhling
Lebe wohl
Selected Individual Songs

Zelenka, Jan Dismas

Requiem in d minor (1730-2) ∆

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